Board of the Rumahedi Foundation Nepal:

Arno van de Sande (1958), chairman
My first introduction to Nepal was in 2013. I would like to get to know other cultures and the choice in this case was Nepal.
The introduction to this extraordinary country and especially the hospitality of the Nepalese people has particularly struck me. It was also in 2013 that I have met Rudra Tamang and from that time on Rudra was my dear friend and regular guide to my onward travel to Nepal. During long treks to the most beautiful places that we made thereafter, Rudra always told very passionate about his Nepal. About the conditions in which people lived, about the plans he had to improve this. I heartily wanted to help him and fortunately have done so. Nepal is a beautiful country with hearty people who live in poor conditions. Especially now, after the earthquake, they can use all the help we can give them, though it is important that we support them in what they consider what is important to them and not what we think is important for them: Support local ideas! I would like to conclude with what Rudra always said; “Do good and be good”.

Suze van Rossum (1960), treasurer                                                                                                                   In 2010, I went to Nepal for the first time. I couldn’t suspect at the time that there would be many visits and I would feel more than at home in this beautiful country with its friendly and welcoming inhabitants. Almost immediately after arrival I met Rudra Tamang, an enthusiastic and masterful guide and gifted narrator. He spoke with love about his life, his country and his home village and above all about his dreams for a better world in Nepal. He breathed and lived his own motto: “Do good and be good”, under all circumstances. Inside me, a spark became a fire and not much later I became secretary/treasurer of a new foundation (Stichting Holi Maya Foundation Nepal) who focused on supporting children and teenagers in their learning path and achieving their dreams. It was a great time, when I regularly went to Nepal to visit pupils and schools there with Rudra. However, the day-to-day tasks were all with him, because in fact the foundation existed by the grace of Rudra’s commitment on location. Everyone familiar with Rumahedi knows that Rudra did much more and that unfortunately he died in the great earthquake of 2015. Rudra’s loss ultimately meant the end of the foundation mentioned above, but of course only after the pupils we were connected to had completed their courses or their continuation had been properly secured. Rumahedi, on the other hand, originated in the loss of Rudra and the devastation after the great earthquake. With warm feelings to what was once, I’m now joining Rumahedi. I am pleased that, as treasurer of this foundation, I can now make a constructive contribution to a better world in Nepal as treasurer of this foundation.

Laura de Bakker – van der Stokker, Secretary

Diana Dorrestijn (1964), general board member 
As a child I always wanted to be a nurse and be involved in development working. Now I am a nurse and since 2008 employed at the ambulance service at Utrecht.
In 2011 I went to the Himalayas for the first time on a trek and from that moment on I lost my heart to the beauty of the country Nepal and the  heartiness of the population.
As an ambulance care attendant I get involved in different situations and I experience how well the medical healthcare is arranged in the Netherlands, compared with Nepal.
When I went, with my good friend Rudra Tamang, to his parental village Jhangajhiti and heard his wish for the improvement of the health conditions and livelihoods of the villagers, I had no doubt and together with Rudra Tamang en Helena van Harten I made a start for a medical relief action. With help of the People Medical College Hospital, many volunteers and donors on April 18th 2015 the first free medical healthcare day was a fact.
After the earthquake in April 2015 and the terrible loss of Rudra Tamang I’m even more driven to execute the wish of Rudra and give input to the livelihood of the people in villages like Jhangajhiti.
My motto ….. one person makes the difference.

sylviavenezolaSylvia Veneziano (1964), general board member
In 2011 I took part in a group travel to Nepal. There I met Diana Dorrestijn. We became friends en kept in touch after our journey. I followed her activities for Nepal, the birth of Rumahedi Foundation and the loss of our dear friend Rudra.
During my journey I became deeply touched by Rudra and his Sherpa’s. The friendliness en helpfulness of Rudra and his team was heartwarming. I saw a man with a strong desire, not for his own benefit, to help his family and village.
During our journey a desire grew in me to do something for the Nepalese and it started when I got to know one of our sherpa’s Naburaj. A proud man who saw no possibility to fix his eye problems. During our visit to a hospital I was shocked by the lack of hygiene, the treatment and the fact that patients were sometimes left alone for hours.
Rudra had a vision, a strong desire to help his people. Rumahedi grew out of that desire. For me taking part of Rumahedi is my contribution in his memory.

Egon de Bakker, general board member

Representation in Nepal
We think it is important that Rumahedi Foundation Nepal also has representation in Nepal. Rasmi Tamang and Gajendra Sinnya are our local representatives. They are present on behalf of Rumahedi in the transfer of the various projects if there is no board member of rumahedi Foundation Nepal. They assist us with advice and deed and are the local face of Rumahedi Foundation Nepal. In the photo Rasmi and Gajendra together with Arno at a consultation in Kathmandu, Nepal.

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