Earthquakes 2015

On April 25 and May 12 2015 Nepal is struck by heavy earthquakes, 7.8 and 7.3 on the Richter scale.  It destroyed large parts of the country. More than 8500 people were killed, almost a million houses collapsed and many historical buildings and objects of cultural heritage are heavily damaged. The vulnerable infrastructure of the country is also heavily affected by the earthquakes.

Rumahedi has used the first remitted donations, directly after the earthquake, to provide emergency relief in Jhangajhiti village. We brought  tarps and rice and helped building emergency shelters in the village. Jhangajhiti counted 70 houses, a school and 2 little shops. All except 1 house collapsed or became uninhabitable.

In July 2015 the by the quake broken water supply pipeline is replaced and drinking water the village is provided again. Most of he children of Jhangajhiti now visit a school in a neighbouring village. When the government is going to rebuilt the school in their own village is not clear at this moment.

Due to the monsoon and the many aftershocks  (almost 500 above de 4 on the Richter scale) starting to rebuild was impossible in the summer. The Nepalese government has provided every affected family 130 Euro for emergency relief, but the promised money to rebuild has not yet reached the victims. Meanwhile the few people who are able started to rebuild their houses, if possible somewhat earthquake resistant. Most others have to wait for whatever is going to come.

All of the reconstruction activities are complicated by the fuel crisis that has affected the country since September 2015. Construction materials are only available against extortionate prices and transport to the villages has become unplayable
All of this comes forth out of the complex political situation in Nepal and whit it’s neighbouring country India, which led to the blockade of their border. No fuel, medicine and other goods can be imported,

For Rumahedi the earthquake has also resulted in a personal loss.
Our inspiration and initiator and friend Rudra Tamang was killed on april 25, during his work as a trekking guide in Langtang.


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