How it started

During our trips to Nepal in 2013 we met with trekking guide  Rudra Tamang. Rudra was a very inspiring man. Next to his job as a trekking guide he committed himself, out of his vision “Do good and be good”, to social projects in Nepal.

Rudra often expressed his worries about the situation in his parental village Jhangajhiti, that lies 15 km NW of Kathmandu.  He asked us to help him to improve the livelihood in his village.
At first he wanted to organize a free medical care day.

Jhangajhiti overview

This is what we did and on Saturday April 18 2015, 13 doctors of People’s Dental College & Hospital from Kathmandu went to the village, together with Dutch and Nepalese volunteers, to provide free medical care to 200 people in the village.

A week later, during the big earthquake on April 25 Rudra Tamang was killed. We decided to move on in Rudra’s spirit and committed ourself to improve the livelihood in Nepal.
Rudra was the inspiration to the aid support as it took shape at Rumahedi.
Next to the sadness, his loss also brought an acceleration to the establishing of Rumahedi Foundation Nepal. Except  the arise of heart-warming  actions and many spontaneous donations, on June 24th 2015 the foundation was made official at the notary. The name Rumahedi is composed of the first two letters of the names of the initiators.
More about the method of our foundation in the article: Vision and Mission.

Nepal is listed in the top twenty of the poorest countries of the world and more than half of its population is unemployed. There is little or no money to provide a normal livelihood, visit a doctor or hospital etc. 
There is lack of education and sanitation. Cooking is often done in the houses on open fire without a chimney.  It’s better in the bigger cities, but in the mountain villages it’s a very serious problem. Pollution of the land, the rivers and the air is also a rapidly growing problem, because Nepal knows no waste disposal systems. Electric service is (especially in Kathmandu) very limited, if even available.

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