Madav Tamang (EN)

Madav Tamang (1981)

From the first medical aid day in 2015 Madav is involved with our foundation.

After the death of Rudra, Madav wanted to live up to his brothers dream; to improve living conditions in their home village Jhangajhiti.
Gradually, it became also his own dream and he is dedicated from his own heart for Rumahedi and for the people of Nepal.

Madav bij zijn nieuw te bouwen huis.

Madav is a practical man , a builder who has a big heart for his fellow man and always ready for others.
His talent is his creativity, by which he knows how to get many, if not nearly all, things done. He is a great asset to Rumahedi .
We are pleased that Madav represents us in Nepal and we can hand over the implementation of the projects in good faith to him.

Madav had to leave school in his 7th year, to work in Kathmandu and to earn money for his parents.

In his 13th year, he ended up in a family with a restaurant where he learned cooking. For years Madav worked as a hospital cook before he, as a porter, sherpa and cook participated on trekking through the Himalayas.


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