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A new home for Rudra’s parents

After the death of Rudra Tamang during the earthquake on 25 April 2015, a lot of friends who travelled with Rudra, donated money for Rudra’s family. This was before Rumahadi became a foundation. The money was transferred to Rudra’s parents so they could rebuild their house. Because of circumstances and lack of material the parents lived for a year in a shelter. Madav, Rudra’s brother began rebuilding their house in march 2016.

Rudra’s parents are very grateful for the donations. Without that money they wouldn’t been able to build a new home.

We thank all the donors in name of Rudra’s parents.

Cost: 3.579,83 Euro.

Huis Rudra's ouders

Restoration cremation site

The villagers asked for support in the reconstruction of the cremation site in Jhangajhiti.
The current cremation site is heavily damaged by the earthquakes. The little building is collapsed and unusable.

A good cremation site is of major religious value to this Buddhist community. It is important, surely now, that cremation and highly valued rituals can be performed in the villages own area. There will be build a roof and a fire bar. The construction will be performed by the villagers themselves.

Estimated budget € 3.000,-

Drinkwaterbassin Jhangajhiti

Jhangajhiti asked help for building a new waterbasin. The current is too small and damaged during the earthquake.
Estimated te be built end of 2016 of begin 2017.

Estimated budget € 3.000,-

Nepal Clean Actions

Volunteers from Nepal and the Netherlands organized a Nepal Clean Action several times at Indrathan, a holy place between Kathmandu and Jhangajhiti.

(RFN October 2015)

Litter is a huge problem in Nepal, because plastics are not imported for a longer period and people are not used how to deal with it. Nepal does not know any garbage collecting and disposing systems.
By collecting litter we hope to give an example to how Nepal can be clean once more, which serves hygiene en health.


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