Rasmi (EN)

Rasmi’s dream

Rasmi is a 17-year-old 1st-year student nurse from Kathmandu. She dreams of doing social work as a nurse. She succeeded for the entrance exam for one of only 21 available spaces at the OM Samaj Shaishik Pra Tisthan College in Kathmandu. She is a hard worker and an enthusiastic student.

She wants to tell you herself in this video message


Her great desire and dream is to set up a medical aid station in Jhangajhiti and the surrounding villages.

Rasmi is already committed in the projects of Rumahedi Foundation Nepal. She measured blood pressure during a medical care day, she distributed personal hygiene items in the schools of Jhangajhiti and has participated
in a Nepal Clean action.

Rumahedi Foundation Nepal happily supports Rasmi Tamang by paying the tuition for her first year. She is our investment in the self support of the whole community of Jhangajhiti.

Foundation Chori Chora and Holi Maya Foundation will pay for Rasmi’s 2nd and 3rd year.

Cost: 2119.50 Euro

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