Rudra Tamang (EN)

Rudra Tamang, 1977- 2015 inspirer and initiator

Rudra Tamang was born in Jhangajhiti, a small village near Kathmandu in Nepal. Already at the age of twelve he went to Kathmandu to earn money for his parents. From his 18th he worked in the tourism sector, first in the office and later as a guide. Rudra commited himself, beside his work, with heart and soul to better living conditions in Nepal. He was co-organizer and performer of various social projects in his country. Rudra also expressed to us his desire to improve the living conditions for people in his village So the first medical care day was held on April 18, 2015 and Rumahedi Foundation Nepal arised.
On April 25, 2015 Rudra, in his beloved work as a guide, lost his life in Langtang area during the earthquake.

Foto Rudra

Rudra was a great example of how you can grow from an almost impossible start to life a wise, optimistic, very loving and cheerful man. He had the gift to lift the best in you upwards and get people to connect with each other. His vitality and wisdom made him an inspiration and live guide. He meant so much for his wife, daughter, family, friends, villagers, fellow citizens and many tourists. After his death we, as the board, experienced how many people around the world were touched by him.
In Rudra we lost a very dear friend and a special person.
Rudra Tamang’s vision was: “do good and be good and nothing is impossible if we do it from the heart.” In his mind we are going through and are committed to better living conditions in Nepal.


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