Education is the most important weapon against poverty. In the mountain villages of Nepal most education utilities are in bad shape. Villages are often dependent  on the government who is not doing a good job, especially in the remote areas.

Jhangajhiti has a small building for primary education, heavily damaged by the earthquake. Most of the children now go to a little school in Indra Jyoti, which takes them a half hour walk.

This school has asked us for help. We are in conversation about building toilets, so boys and girls both have their own toilet. The school also could use white boards, because now they have to write on the wall and they asked us to finance uniforms for the children. Most parents can’t afford the cost of € 10. We think, with these uniforms, we can stimulate the parents to send their kids to school instead of putting them to work in the field.
Concerning the school in Jhangajhiti we have to wait for the plans of the government and the school board.

In October we donated pencils and drawing and coloring books.

In february and march 2016 we the white boards and uniforms were delivered.

Direct reach-out of drawing pads and pencils

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